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Welcome visitors of our blog, we are pleased to welcome you on a blog run by lawyers, the aim of which is to present various legal aspects in a way that is understandable and helpful to you!

While setting up our blog, we tried to create a place where you will learn about:

  • The practical information on Poland and its essential legal aspects,
  • Why Poland is a good destination for investments and running a business,
  • How to set up a business in Poland and how to run it properly,
  • How to organize legal stay and work in Poland,
  • What documents are necessary to legally stay and work here;
However, this is not all we have prepared for you! Let’s get to know better the details of our offer!
Here are some of our key specializations:
  • Business Law & Corporate Advisory 
  • Law for Foreigners & Immigration Law 
  • Infrastructure, Real Estate 
  • E-Commerce & Competition Law 
  • Intelectual Property Rights
  • Public Procuremenct, PPP 
  • SMART City Projects, Innovations 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Transactions

If you need any more information, legal advice or help with conducting your business in Poland, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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