About us

Welcome to blog created by legally.smart law firm!

We are happy to having you here as the blog was created with you in mind. 

We – LEGALLY.SMART – are a law firm based in Warsaw and we provide services to foreign clients who need legal support in Poland.

It was also our clients, who inspired and encouraged us to create this platform. Thus our blog – law in Poland – is dedicated to people like you, who are seeking practical information on Polish law. Because we strongly believe that information is the resolution of uncertainty as Claude Shannon, a father of information theory, said.

We are a team of qualified lawyers – advocates and legal advisors who combine interdisciplinary education with expert experience gained from working in international corporations and public institutions as well as narrowly specialised boutique law firms.

Our clients’ legal safety is our priority thus we offer unique legal service adjusted to the individual needs – in line with the principle: be legal,  be smart,  beyond and out of the box – with us –   by your side.

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