Before deciding to set up a business in Poland, you may want to know some basic facts about the country, which hopefully will form a background for taking further steps towards investing your capital there.

What is there to know about Poland then?

  • located in the central part of Europe with its northern border running along the Baltic Sea coast,
  • a place where transit traffic between Western & Southern Europe and the East runs,
  • a part of the Schengen Area,
  • EU member state since 2004 and a gateway to the EU single market with over 400 million consumers,
  • a few major seaports and approx. 15 international airports with several of them offering intercontinental flights
  • Chopin Airport in Warsaw as the largest airport in the country and the main point for the air cargo transportation point,
  • continuously developing road infrastructure with multiple national roads as well as motorways and express ways connecting the entire European market
  • GDP of 688.18 billion USD in 2022 with the rate continuously growing and expected to reach approx. 1,003.03 billion USD by 2028,
  • divided into 16 administrative voivodeships (equivalent to provinces),
  • population estimated at approx. 40 million people,
  • Warsaw as the capital and the largest city,
  • the currency in use: Polish zloty,
  • Polish as the official language though a significant number of people speak advanced English,
  • main economic sectors as wholesale and retail trade, food industry, accommodation, and transportation,
  • 42,4% people aged between 25 and 34 with academic degree,
  • the minimum monthly gross wage at 4242 zł to grow to 4300 zł starting from 1 July 2024.


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