If you are an entrepreneur and have been recently thinking about setting up your business in one of the EU countries or introducing it to new foreign markets, you should definitely consider Polish market! Why do we recommend it?

Let us now take a closer look at the main benefits of investing in Poland:

  • Poland’s strategic location in the heart of Europe, where major communication channels intersect making it possible to expand your operations both to West and East of the continent,
  • access to the Baltic Sea and several major seaports,
  • EU member state and a gateway to the EU single market with over 400 million consumers,
  • approximately 15 international airports with several of them offering intercontinental flights,
  • Chopin Airport in Warsaw as the country’s largest airport and the main air cargo transportation point,
  • well-developed road infrastructure with multiple motorways, expressways, and national roads
  • numerous innovative solutions used in business, such as digitalized tax system or modern widely available
  • e-banking system with instant BLIK payments,
  • attractive labour market à well-educated professionals in the areas of economics, science, information technology with fluency in foreign languages,
  • competitive labor costs à employees under 26 years old employment income up to PLN 85.528 per year is exempt from tax, employment costs are relatively low comparing to the EU countries,
  • low unemployment rate (at 5 % in 2023),
  • Poland offers extensive development opportunities in the wide range of industries including wholesale and retail trade, food industry, accommodation, and transportation,
  • many new fast-developing economic sectors with great potential for future investments, including business services sector, automotive, electromobility, IT, fintech or even medtech,
  • economic stability with constantly growing GDP and expected to reach 1,003.03 billion USD by 2028 according to recent studies,
  • Poland provides a lot of legal forms of running business which enable individualization and adaptation of legal rules to specific business needs – in addition, Polish legal regulations provide simple ways of transformation of legal forms of companies/partnerships, even into foreign companies!
  • the possibility of fully effective signing contracts and official documents remotely – using electronic signatures,
  • business-friendly environment à regularly offered governmental grants and subsidies as well as other forms of investment incentives, such as tax relief within special economic zones or support for R&D activities,
  • access to a wide range of EU funding programmes,
  • tax incentives, such as:
    • 5 % of tax for income derived from IP rights in Innovation Box scheme,
    • Research and Development (R&D) tax relief allowing to increased deduction of eligible costs from tax base,
    • 0 % of tax for profit retention (under the terms of Estonian CIT),
    • preferential CIT tax amounting to
    • upon fulfilment of the statutory conditions,
    • a reduced 9% CIT rate can also be used by small taxpayers who do not exceed the established revenue and sales limits (upon fulfilment of other statutory conditions),
  • no requirement for the establishment of a so-called local resident director/board member with polish citizenship à both board members (directors) and shareholders can be foreigners; also, the role of the partner/shareholder may also be played by another company or partnership, either Polish or foreign,
  • Any registration of a business in Poland and its changes can be rapidly and entirely carried out remotely, what is more all the necessary steps can be taken on the basis of a power of attorney granted to a professional representative, drawn up by an authorized body in your country, who will sign the documents for you and register the business in the relevant commercial register,
  • multiple rankings that Poland ranks top in, such as “Global Best to Invest 2023” where Poland came 3rd among all the Eastern Europe & Central Asia countries in terms of favorable investment conditions.

We hope that this article encouraged you to consider the idea of starting or expanding your business in Poland given the many benefits related to it. Its strategic and favorable to market operations location, dynamically developing economy, innovation potential, skilled workforce with wide expertise in many areas as well as multiple grants and other forms of assistance offered from both governmental and EU level all contribute to its constantly increasing attractiveness for investments.

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