Polski Ład (co called Polish Deal) – changes in law – LEGAL ALERT

Are you an entrepreneur and are you interested in the issue of the Polski Ład (so called “Polish Deal)” – the recent changes in tax law? Would you like to know if you should change your form of taxation so that the changes are beneficial for you? If you want to know the details about it, this post is just for you!

Polski Ład is a comprehensive socio-economic program prepared to overcome the effects of a pandemic. Tax changes introduced as a result of the Polski Ład make entrepreneurs want to change their existing organizational and legal forms in order to protect, among others, their private property against possible tax consequences.

The numerous billing changes introduced by the government significantly increased the risk of making a mistake, and hence the imposition of tax sanctions by the inspection authorities.

Changes as a result of the Polish Order related to the way of settling accounts with the tax authorities have caused entrepreneurs to consider changing the form of taxation of activities. The options available include:

  • Taxation on general principles (tax scale),
  • Flat tax,
  • Payment of a lump sum on recorded income.

If you do not know whether to stay with the current form of taxation or are considering changes, but do not know how to go about it, contact us! We will help you identify your problems in connection with the provisions of the Polski Ład and find the best solution!

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