If you run your #business, you probably know this legal form, which is a limited liablity joint-stock partnership. If you want to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of running a business through this legal form, we encourage you to read the following post!

The same as in the case of the other presented legal forms of business, a limited joint-stock partnership is a commercial partnership, although it has no legal personality but has legal capacity.

A limited joint-stock partnership consists of at least two partners: a general partner and a shareholder.

A general partner is a person in the partnership who bears unlimited liability for the partnership’s obligations.

The minimum share capital in a limited joint-stock partnership is PLN 50,000!

If you are considering this legal form for your enterprise, below we present you the steps that you must take to establish such a company.

STEP 1: The founders of the company sign the statute drawn up in the form of a notarial deed.

STEP 2: Contribution by general partners.

STEP 3: Contribution to the company by the shareholders.

STEP 4: Acquisition by the shareholders of the appropriate number of the company’s shares.

STEP 5: Registration of the company in the National Court Register.

The disadvantages and also obstacles to choosing the legal form of a limited joint-stock partnership is the requirement of a minimum share capital of PLN 50,000. Comparing with the requirements of other legal forms, such as a limited liability company where the share capital is PLN 5,000, such a requirement can be daunting

Finally, we would like to introduce you to the advantages

One of the key advantages of this legal form is the possibility of obtaining capital by issuing shares.

Another advantage is the possibility of making an in-kind contribution to the company by general partners. A personal feature of a limited partnership is the possibility for general partners to make cash and material contributions, such as real estate.

Shareholders in this legal form may only make contributions in cash or in kind.

The last of the advantages that we want to introduce to you is the fact that there is no double taxation when running a limited joint-stock partnership.

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