• This partnership may be established by at least two natural or legal persons or organizational units without legal personality to which legal capacity based on a separate act was granted.
  • LP has no legal personality. Nevertheless, it has a legal capacity and may in its own name acquire rights, incur liabilities, sue or be sued.
  • There is no requirement as to the minimum amount of the nominal capital.
  • LP is represented by the general partners who were not deprived of the right to represent the partnership under a memorandum of association or by a valid court decision.
  • A limited partner may represent the partnership only as a plenipotentiary.
  • LP may be also represented by a holder of commercial power of attorney.


  • The partnership bears unlimited liability for its obligations up to the full value of all of its assets.

The scope of the partner’s liability:

a) in case of a general partner – with all his assets,

b) in case of a limited partner – up to the amount of limited liability amount, whereas he is

free from the liability within the contribution made to the partnership.

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